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* In order to avoid fraudulent credit card payments, If you are placing unlock order for the 1st time your PayPal payment will need to be verified. Please upload your driving license or any other identification document (scanned photo taken from mobile) that clearly shows your name and picture associated with PayPal account. You can hide other information from your card.

Term and Conditions

The customers are required to read and agree to the terms and condition and it would be thought that before placing any order the customer has read and agreed upon the terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions:

Privacy Policy

Imei-unlock give special consideration to the privacy of the information provided by valued customers when they use the website. The privacy statement ensures the personal information is protected. The policy is updated from time to time to make it more effective and user friendly.

For the sake of your individual identification, following information is usually collected:

·         Name and Email address or phone number for the record and keeping you up to date about the new services, offers and products.


All the personal information gathered online from the clients is secured with the advanced security system and is strictly accessible to the authorized personnel only.

Service Price and Delivery

Once you place the order, the price and the delivery time will be provided to you based on the handset or the network or any other relevant factor. The customer should read the description written with the service so that the time of delivery, supported model and other important information is known prior to placing order. The delivery time may be altered under some scenarios and the customer will be notified and updated instantly about any such change. The service is initiated only when the payment is received.
The servers are functional only on weekdays i.e. Monday to Friday.

Mobile Unlock Return Policy:

We are not obliged to return full refund or partial return if any delay occurs in delivery. We always make sure the unlock code is delivered to customer as early as possible but in case of delay from server the customer is asked to stay patient. A customer will be fully refunded if a server cancels the order due to any reason; refund will be made using the same payment method the customer had selected while checkout (PayPal or Top Up).

Once an order has been submitted and paid please bear in mind that IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO CANCEL/WITHDRAW CONFIRMED ORDERS. The customer has to wait until he/she is answered from the server.

IMEI-UNLOCK reserve the right to seek out more evidence if the customer claims that our provided codes didn’t unlock their handsets. For a refund a customer is asked to provide a detailed Video Proof of the procedure being followed at customer end with code being failed on device screen.

In order to claim for a refund a customer must inform our support (sales@imei-unlock.net) within 72 hours after we have sent a confirmation of handset unlock.

It is solely the customer’s responsibility to provide us with the correct data no refunds shall be made if a customer provides incorrect data (for example IMEI number). If a customer provides an IMEI with a wrong network he/she will be refunded back but we’ll charge 3.5% of PayPal processing fee.

A customer who has paid the unlocking service through PayPal cannot open a dispute without informing the support (sales@imei-unlock.net ) about the problem faced. If the customer opened a dispute without prior information his/her account would be permanently banned from our server.

Mobile Accessories Return Policy:

At IMEI Unlock we have every confidence that you will be delighted with your purchase. However, in the event that you wish to return any goods purchased, then please follow the applicable policy detailed below:

Faulty Goods – within 15 days

If your goods are faulty on arrival, you have 15 calendar days in which to inform us of the fault in order to claim a full refund or exchange. If the customer purchases the product from us, misuses it and intends to return it, then there will be No refunds or exchanges.


Imei-unlock cannot guarantee that during the unlocking procedure of the handset, data will not be lost. There is no connection or affiliation with the logos or the brand names of the handsets on the website and is used purely for the illustration.

Liability and Responsibility

It is highly recommended that the customers have a backup of all the important data stored on their phone and synced with iTunes before the unlocking procedure is performed.

It is customer’s responsibility to ensure that that IMEI numbers are typed correctly, the handset is legally usable or not blocked, it is compatible with the network to be used on the handset and it has not been previously unlocked.

The order cannot be cancelled once it is placed. However, the customer can re-order with the new specific details and data and the delivery time will depend on the time of the new order placement.

Just a reminder for any iPhone unlock! PLEASE ENSURE YOU check with your customer first to see if the device has any icloud lock.  IF so, please have them remove it first before placing the order. 

With the iPhone unlock process, we only able to unlock the network only not icloud lock. Once we done unlocked the device network and if the device still have icloud lock, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for that and there is NO REFUND for it.

Due to the recent legislation passed by the library of congress for the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), we are forbidden to unlock devices that were manufactured on January 23rd 2013 and later, we won't unlock your iPhone if we found that you have purchased your iPhone after January 23rd 2013; we will not be held liable for unknowingly unlocking a device that was made from this date onwards.


I certify that I have read and agreed to all the terms and conditions and confirm to receive account related communications from IMEI Unlock Team by phone, SMS, fax or email.